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The production process of aluminum foil meal box can be divided into six steps: material exhibition, oil painting, feeding, stamping forming, blanking and testing. During the production process, the stamping pressure of aluminum foil is up to 40~80 tons, the stamping frequency is 1~2 seconds, and the average production is 20,000 pieces/day

Stamping oil plays a very important role in the production of aviation aluminum foil meal box, including: heat dissipation, cooling, protection of aluminum foil surface, protection of stamping equipment and mold, rust, corrosion and prevent aluminum foil surface adhesion. In accordance with the special lubrication requirements of aviation aluminum foil meal box industry, xinbang commerce and trade selects refined narrow fraction base oil as raw material, and develops special stamping oil for aviation aluminum foil meal box by cooperating with environment-friendly lubricant and extreme pressure agent.

It has good lubrication performance, bearing performance and excellent cooling performance, can improve the efficiency and make the product get better finish and precision. Good volatility, no residual volatility, keep the operation light, prevent the workpiece adhesion phenomenon. Aluminum foil meal box production, due to its high pressure, high temperature process, aluminum foil meal box special stamping oil excellent extreme pressure performance and excellent temperature performance, effectively solve the equipment and mold surface due to friction and heat.

Greatly extend the service life of equipment and mold, it colorless tasteless, clean and environmental protection, does not contain any harmful substances to human body, provide a quality operating environment, can meet the aluminum foil meal box as a food container for its use of lubricants higher safety requirements.


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