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Maintenance of aluminum foil meal box mould
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The application of aluminum foil meal box is gradually rising in the market, and the mold for making aluminum foil meal box also needs frequent maintenance. Otherwise, the quality of aluminum foil meal box cannot be guaranteed, which directly affects the customer's use experience.

The improvement of interrupt kneading depends on the use and maintenance of the ideal links for this design, manufacturing, and subsequent processes. Depends on a link and not useful for the purpose, after all. Through the combination of various aspects of trust, the mold life can be improved

Not only does the temperature need to be met, the heating of the kneading without core penetration is very important (placed in the mold inside the thermal furnace). In the trial calculation, the kneading should focus on the following aspects: determine the temperature of the mold before the kneading bar temperature.

There is a certain temperature gap between the aluminum core mold and this mold that is aligned 2 in a kneading mold and then prevents folding, insertion, interruption of the appearance that occurs but it is the strength of the design that will be valued.

Aluminum foil meal box mold repair service model is a very important link. In order to guarantee the strength of the mold according to the maintenance service mode. A layer that is not normally used is attributed to the weld, and the weld arrangement seriously affects the life of the interrupted.

In particular, with welding operations, shortening the life of the form is very simple. In this corrected speed profile, it is usually used to quickly slow down this local maintenance service and not choose to slow down local resistance.

So far, the aluminum foil dining box mold structure of indirect costs, at a certain level may guarantee its life. Of course, improving the level of maintenance service design by reducing the number of test methods is one way to improve the service life of an interrupt should take extra care on this link.

The process of boiling the pot. Especially a screw hole or weaker of the machine, otherwise, it is very simple to pound the mold to prevent boiling and local operation. Before placing the mold. The calling process for the aluminum core container mould should be careful.

Need to be washed and thoroughly deepened to check the mold.

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