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How to avoid the aluminum foil lunch box pinhole situation
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The irregular holes on the surface of aluminum foil lunch box are called pinholes. With the thinning of the thickness, the number of pinholes increases, is one of the main defects of the foil. Pinholes can be formed in the blank, on the roll, in the rolling oil, or even in the air when dust reaches a size of about 6 m or so.

With the improvement of the installation level of aluminum foil meal box equipment, the rolling conditions of aluminum foil meal box are improved, especially the dust prevention and the effective filtration of rolling oil and the setting of quick roll changing system, so that the number and size of aluminum box pinholes are increasingly dependent on the metallurgical quality and processing defects of the billet.

It is difficult to find the corresponding relation between pinholes and original defects because pinholes are often the slaking of billet defects. It is generally believed that pinholes are mainly related to gas content, inclusions, compounds and component segregation.

Effective liquid aluminum purification, filtration, grain refinement and so on are helpful to reduce pinhole. Improving the hardening properties of materials by alloying also helps to reduce pinholes. Good aluminum tip blank rolling 6 m aluminum foil meal box pinholes can be up to 100 /m2.

In the rolling process of aluminum foil meal box, other factors causing pinholes are also many, even disastrous, thousands of pinholes per square meter is not uncommon. To strengthen the filtration of rolling oil. Short term replacement of roll and dust prevention measures are required to reduce pinhole of aluminum foil meal box. Large rolling force is used. Small tension rolling also helps to reduce pinholes.

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