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Wrong placement of takeaway boxes
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I. Disinfection cabinet

Disinfection cabinets work on the principle of strong oxidizing agents or high temperatures, so plastic containers should not be a regular visitor. It is hard to predict what chemical reaction will occur after a collision of "active molecules". An easy way to do this is to wash it by hand.

II. Microwave oven

Do not use plastic containers in microwave ovens. Even plastic containers labeled "microwave usable" should be kept to a minimum. Because heat is the enemy of plastic, it can make some of the original restless substances "stir" up.

III. the refrigerator

The refrigerator is a "semi-restricted area" of plastic containers, low temperature can not promote the dissolution of chemicals, short time just as well. However, research suggests that keeping plastic in the freezer for long periods of time may age the plastic, and after it leaves the fridge, chemicals can leak out as the food melts.

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