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The use of aluminum foil
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As long as the metal pot can be used to knead the ball of aluminum foil paper to wipe. For example the scorch dirty of barbecue grill, or the oven that had baked food, can knead the aluminous foil paper that used to take scrub into the ball.

After unpacking, the cream can be wrapped with aluminum foil paper and then put in the refrigerator for preservation. The preservation effect is better than the preservation film. This is because the aluminum foil paper has a better barrier than the preservation film, which can isolate most of the air, water and light and extend the preservation period.

Ginger, garlic in the grinding board ground into mud, the residue of the total stuck in the cracks of the grinding board, cleaning up trouble and easy to cut hands. And the aluminum foil bright smooth, the aluminum foil bright face up shop on the grinding board and then grinding mud, food does not stick to the seam.

Aluminum foil is widely used in daily life due to its light weight, good ductility and low price. Moreover, aluminum foil is a regular kitchen supply. Aluminum foil has bright surface and mist surface, which can absorb heat and need to face towards the heat source.

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