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Disinfection of takeaway packaging boxes
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Many infectious diseases are transmitted through eating. The scientific knowledge that bacteria and viruses are the source of infectious diseases has also been deeply rooted in people's mind. Therefore, hot water disinfection is to kill the bacteria and viruses on the take-out boxes.

Using hot water does kill bacteria and viruses. A way to kill microorganisms by heating them is called pasteurization. It was invented by Louis Pasteur. Pasteur found that microbes in wine were to blame when the wine turned sour.

After killing these microorganisms with high temperature, the wine can be preserved for a long time. This disinfection method is called pasteurization and is still used today to disinfect foods such as milk.

However, if the purpose of killing microorganisms is to be achieved, the heating temperature is required. All sorts of microorganism are different to temperature tolerance ability, with hepatitis virus for example, armour liver virus is in 85 Celsius circumstance 1 minute can inactivate, and second liver virus should be boiled in 100 Celsius hot water a few minutes ability is inactivated.

So if you want to kill the microbes on your cutlery, use just boiled water and keep it at that temperature for a few minutes. Neither hot water nor tea served by waiters can meet this requirement. Although this disinfection method commonly used by diners can kill some microorganisms, it cannot achieve the expected sanitation

Disinfection target, what have more is psychological comfort effect.

Of course, generally before we use, the merchants will disinfect the take-out packaging boxes before selling, only in this way can we ensure that the take-out packaging boxes will not affect the food when used.

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