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The difference between aluminum foil meal box and traditional meal box
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The use of a large number of disposable meal boxes has caused serious environmental problems, and the aluminum foil meal box is in the market demand, compared with the traditional meal box, it has more prominent advantages.

Compared with the traditional plastic dining box, aluminum foil dining box is a disposable dining box. Compared with the plastic dining box that has been recycled for many times, its hygiene has been improved to a large extent, which can meet the demand of modern people for tableware hygiene. Therefore, it has been widely used and welcomed.

Compared with the traditional disposable foam meal box, although the aluminum foil meal box is also a disposable meal box, but after the use of the meal box can be recycled for production, again into the daily use, consumption is only a small amount of production parts processing costs and materials. It is not as non-recyclable as the foam meal box, which causes serious pollution and damage to the environment.

In modern society, there are also degradable food boxes, which have the advantages of disposable food boxes. However, they can be degraded without causing obvious pollution to the environment. But, the production cost of aluminous foil eat box is lower, comparative and character advantage is more apparent.

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