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The use of aluminum foil in cooking
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Use of aluminum foil:

Chicken wing tip, chicken breast or fish head, fish tail or the corner end of the cake and other parts easy to cook too much, with aluminum foil wrapped can cook evenly.

Tinfoil belongs to metallic substance, itself is not toxic. But it's worth noting that in the past, people worried about searing meat would grill it with food wrapped in foil or aluminum foil, but experts recommend that if you're grilling with food wrapped in foil or aluminum foil.

Do not add seasoning sauce, because the acid in the seasoning may be tin foil and aluminum foil tin and aluminum melting out, after eating may cause adverse reactions.

During roasting, rub lemon juice on the meat according to the texture and add a few drops before eating.

Need to remind is, if wrapped in foil meat barbecue, do not pour lemon juice on the meat, because foil belongs to metal substances, contact with acidic substances, after a high temperature will produce a certain chemical reaction, the formation of carcinogenic substances harmful to people.

Above is the aluminum foil when cooking some methods and precautions, we should pay attention to the above methods when using, to avoid the wrong way to use.

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